#FixTheVoltage is a campaign where we, the people of Australia, can lobby our Federal Government for change to the regulations surrounding the delivery of power to our homes and businesses.

The average voltage delivered to Australian consumers is around 245V – well in excess of the Australian standard of 230V. The word for this is Overvoltage.

  • Overvoltage increases the amount of energy used by consumers
  • Overvoltage increases carbon emissions
  • Overvoltage reduces the efficiency of rooftop solar
  • Overvoltage damages domestic appliances and shortens their life
  • Overvoltage increases the costs on everyone’s power bills

Every consumer should have access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy! Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, living alone, in a family home, or in share accommodation, if you’re contributing to a power bill, this issue relates directly to you.

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Fixing the voltage means:

  • delivering savings for electricity consumers (you) an average $108 per annum
  • increasing the reliability of the electricity grid by reducing the maximum demand on the system by at least 1,000MW of generation capacity
  • reducing carbon emissions by over 3 million tonnes per annum
  • improving the ability of rooftop solar owners to feed energy back into the grid

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230V is being exceeded because the grid was not originally designed to cope with things like the ever-increasing uptake of rooftop solar, which will inevitably create higher voltage issues. We need to bring the management of the grid into the 21st century to meet the objectives of delivering power reliably, affordably for every consumer (you), and promoting sustainability.

This will decrease consumption and reduce emissions.

We seek support to lobby the Australian Federal Energy Minister for regulatory change.

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