The Solution

Raising an issue is no good without DELIVERING A SOLUTION…

There’s a first step we need to take before anything else can be done.

This first step is to convince the decisionmakers that the rules need to change and they need to #FixTheVoltage.

The Australian people need to sound the alarm to the Australian Federal Energy Minister to say, This over-supply of electricity is not okay with us – we need to Fix the Voltage!.

By changing the rules we are empowering the electricity distributors to address the overall system of power distribution. And, when that system is fixed and functioning in a 21st century manner, we are enabling it to:

  • increase the reliability of the electricity grid by reducing the maximum demand on the system by at least 1,000MW of generation capacity
  • reduce carbon emissions by over 3 million tonnes per annum
  • improve the ability of rooftop solar owners to feed back clean energy into the grid in a beneficial way
  • deliver savings of an average $108 per annum back into your pocket
  • and, how about the cost of replacing your appliances on a regular basis?  Do you know how much more money you could save?

When the rules are changed, the voltage can be fixed to appropriate levels and implement stabilising technology, so that you will receive and pay for only what you need as a consumer.

Conservation Voltage Reduction is not purely theoretical. #FixTheVoltage are promoting solutions which have been tested and proven. Here are some examples of trials which have been successfully undertaken.

Smart Street Project – United Kingdom

United Energy to Test Voltage

United Energy Performance Report

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The aim of #FixTheVoltage is to save you money on your electricity bill

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